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RECHARGE of earth (ground) enhancement compound DOES your earth pit (ground inspection pit)support ?

When I look at an earth pits (#ground inspection housings) there are 2 clear shape types .

"A" shape type and a "V" shape type .

Let me explain

A type #earthpit ( Narrow mouth wide at the bottom)

V type #earth pit, ( Wide mouth and narrow bottom)

The #earthpit (#ground inspection housing) are a part of the entire earthing system...So how would the 2 different shapes work?

Here is a thought (also an invitation to open conversations). The condition is as time progresses and we are talking of 2 or 3 years down the line. We recharge the earthing installation with Earth Enhancement Compound <"EEC" here after> (Ground enhancement compound <"GEC" here after>)

The "A " type will allow and insure the EEC (GEC) to flow outwards and down wards...

That delivers strongly a clarity the compound will move away from the grounding rod at the lower reach's (bottom of the rod).

The "V" type will be like a funnel . Concentrate the EEC (GEC) (now the V type products normally have an enclosed bottom with a hole) Around the grounding rod and only allow it to flow downwards. HOLDING THE GROUNDING ROD + THE EARTH AROUND IT....

how do earth pits work in an installation.
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