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LOAD PLATE INDICATOR simple questions - #earthing,#lightning protection

So most professional earth inspection housings (earth pit) users need or in some cases have a specification of a load plate indicator in the or around the earth pit.

Ideally the load plate must be available for records to the users inspectors....AT THE TIME OF EARTHING INSPECTION This would need the Load Plate indicator to be ideally in a place where it is easy and visible and available to the earthing inspectors.

Some customers do use the product features to achieve this VERY EFFECTIVELY

SMART...It is a jot to see this.

There is also a possibility to achieve the same with the load plate indicator on the inside of the earth pit.

This placement of the load plate indicator on the bottom of the lid provides an element of confidentiality to the end user and completes the role of providing information to the earthing inspectors. There is 1 example I have , never the less I am sure there are more such well designed products out there.

Load Plate Indicators- Does this work for customers and users ??? Is this needed ?? Why do we not have more such products ? QUESTIONS QUESTIONS and may be more questions :-)

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